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    In most computers, a printer driver is a vital piece of software in that it translates the electronic data into a specific printer specification so that a printer can recognize the desired data and perform printing. Printer drivers are essential for the performance of any printer, since they dictate how a printer works and what it prints. In fact, printer drivers are usually very complex programs. They are designed to handle all aspects of printing from setup to end user maintenance and repair. Because they are so involved, many companies prefer to outsource their printer driver needs to third parties or to develop and maintain their own printer driver software.

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    A printer driver is nothing more than a set of instructions that a computer understands. They tell the computer how to make the printer work so that various functions, such as printing, can be handled by the right software program. There are many different printer driver development packages and utilities available today. These utility packages and utilities handle a wide variety of printer needs, including handling print settings, selecting the right paper type, creating and saving paper labels, creating and loading digital pictures, and handling various types of faxing. Printer driver software can also handle different printing setups, such as single and double-sided printing, making labels or newsletters, and printing photographs.

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    Because printer spools can get pretty large, sometimes up to 100 pages, and because they can be quite expensive if they need to be filled up, printer driver spools are used to save time when creating print jobs. It is possible to save a considerable amount of time when designing a job when a printer spooler is used, since the print job will not have to wait while the printer spool is developed. However, printer spoolers can be quite expensive, and sometimes printer spools become clogged, causing the print job to become unsuccessful or slow to complete.

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